Kanaan: Health care card underway, funding mechanisms to be discussed on Monday

Finance and Budget Parliamentary Committee Head, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, assured Sunday that "the health care card is heading towards completion," adding that discussions over its funding mechanisms will feature high during the Committee's meeting tomorrow.

Kanaan pointed to the need for a decisive will at this stage, especially after working on eliminating all obstacles standing in the way of finalizing this important initiative.

"The health care card will include the medical file of every Lebanese since birth, and will financially save more than 60 percent of the waste we are witnessing at the level of the non-standard guarantors' funds and the large hospital bill incurred by the Health Ministry annually," he said during a panel discussion at the "Lebanese Health Energy Conference" held at the Lebanese University in Hadath.

"The most important aspect is the comprehensive coverage that will be provided, especially since 35 percent of the Lebanese are not covered by health, i.e. about one million and 800 thousand Lebanese," disclosed Kanaan.

He added: "The source and financing of this card are the current two points of concern, which are being tackled by the Finance and Budget Committee."

Kanaan finally deemed that "linking the health care card to controlling waste expenditure and to a broader reform project at the level of public finance makes it impossible, especially as the budget deficit has reached 6 billion dollars."

"Until the tax collection is improved, the allocation of a certain tax amount for an essential project of this kind could constitute a doorway to its financing and sustainability," he underscored.

Source: National News Agency