Kanaan: No going back on reconciliation with Lebanese Forces

"The reconciliation between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces, which laid the foundation for a reality we always dreamed of as Christians in exercising governance, cannot be left to fail or break, for it is our responsibility to ensure its continuity and eliminate all obstacles so it can persist at both the Christian and national levels," said Strong Lebanon Parliamentary Bloc Secretary, MP Ibrahim Kanaan.

In a spiritual and brotherly encounter at the "New Life Monastery" in Antelias this afternoon, where he was joined by former Ministers Melhem Riachy, Youssef Saadeh and Salim Sayegh, Kanaan emphasized that "there is no turning back when it comes to reconciliation" and that "convergence in politics is possible as long as we are in understanding over the nation."

Kanaan stressed "his support for all kinds of reconciliations between Christians and non-Christians, especially within the Christian House that took place recently, because it fortifies the nation and ensures its immunity in wake of the challenges we are experiencing."

Source: National News Agency