Kanaan pushes for amendment of foreign ownership law to prevent Syrians from possessing homes in Lebanon

Member of Parliament, Ibrahim Kanaan, confirmed on Monday that article 49 of the state budget law had been discussed and amended to grant foreigners who possess property in Lebanon “temporary” instead of “permanent” residence for as long they own a home in Lebanon.

“It is well known that a foreigner can own property in Lebanon with or without this article as per the foreigners’ property ownership law which prevents Palestinians from owning property in Lebanon,” Kanaan told the Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“As for Syrian property ownership in Lebanon, and all the talk about a convincing naturalization of Syrians, they’re mere electoral outbiddings that will end after the 6th of May,” Kanaan explained, wondering how it would be allowed to naturalize Syrians “after all the things that Palestinians have gone through in Lebanon and never got naturalized.”

“We agree with His Beatitude Patriarch Rahi about the necessity of amending the foreign property ownership law of 2011,” Kanaan added, pushing for serious attempts to prevent Syrians from owning property in Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency