Kanaan says Aoun’s decision to check Naturalization Decree is bold and transparent

We have full confidence in the decisions of the President of the Republic, whereby he has asked the General Security to verify the names [of those who will carry the Lebanese nationality] because he sanctifies the institutions and is subject to them, and therefore, his verification request is courageous and transparent," MP Ibrahim Kanaan said on Sunday during an interview to "Voice of Lebanon" Radio Station.

Commenting on the current relationship between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces Party, Kanaan said that the "inter-Christian reconciliation is strategic and should be placed above political differences," noting that the Constitution must be the rule that governs any dispute in the country.

At the government formation level, MP Kanaan confirmed that all the Lebanese counterparts have the will to form the government, and that the obstacles will end in the next two weeks.

Kanaan concluded by saying that "the road for cabinet formation is paved, because Lebanon cannot tolerate any delay in light of the awaiting challenges."

Source: National News Agency