Kanaan says matters ought to be finalized in upcoming hours, stresses on LF’s presence in cabinet

"Strong Lebanon" Parliamentary Bloc Secretary, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, indicated Saturday that the ongoing contacts by PM-designate Saad Hariri with the various blocs would lead to resolving obstacles, and expected that matters would be finalized in the upcoming hours.

Speaking in an interview to "LBCI" Channel this morning, Kanaan said, "We want the Lebanese Forces Party within the government and not outside."

He added: "The constant in the understanding between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces lies in the declaration of intentions and in turning the page on the past."

"Based on this, we can agree and disagree in politics but it is forbidden to eliminate each other," Kanaan emphasized.

He continued to stress that it is unacceptable for citizens to pay the price of conflicts and disputes over the government formation, adding, "We need to have a productive government in which we cooperate to provide the best because people's expectations are huge."

Kanaan hoped that the future cabinet would carry an economic and reform vision, noting that whoever disrupts the reform cycle would be responsible for the country's collapse.

Referring to President Michel Aoun's mandate, the MP considered that "an objective assessment of the President of the Republic's role in the past two years confirms that he exercised a national role of unison in the country, pushed towards an electoral law that represents all sides...and laid the foundation for a regime that respects the Constitution which has not been applied since the Taef."

Source: National News Agency