Kanaan: To face the challenges with minimal speech and increased action

MP Ibrahim Kanaan pointed Saturday to the upcoming difficult period which entails hard work and relentless efforts to be exerted, for the sake of safeguarding Lebanon from any financial and economic losses and warding off the dangers that threaten its stability in this regard.

“There are several steps in the coming weeks following the Baabda I and II meetings, at the financial and economic levels,” said Kanaan, pointing out that “these steps include working to reduce the deficit and control spending, and to begin construction of factories to produce electricity.”

He, thus, highlighted the need for less talk and more action and hard work to tend to the various obstacles facing the country.

Kanaan’s words came during a brunch organized by this morning by the Free Patriotic Movement’s branches in a number of Metn regions.

The MP disclosed that the work on the budget of 2020 is underway before the end of the fiscal year, noting that employment has ceased in public administrations in order to oblige the government to conduct a comprehensive survey and ensure the development of the public sector.

“The Free Patriotic Movement that has previously fought for liberation is struggling today for the sake of reform and building the state,” Kanaan underscored. He added that FPM endorses the active state, the responsibility for which must be shouldered by all components of the country as well.

Source: National News Agency