Karpowership: Esra Sultan leaves Lebanon after a successfully accomplished mission

After supporting the Lebanese electricity grid with an additional 200 MW over the summer, the Esra Sultan Powership will finish the last part of the fuel on-board and shut off late tomorrow (October 19, 2018) afternoon, Karpowership company announced in a statement on Thursday.

Subsequently it is expected for the disconnection works to be completed within two to three days after which Esra Sultan will be ready to leave Lebanese waters subject to marine and weather conditions.

During its operations in Lebanon Karpowership has provided the most cost-effective and cheaper power to the Lebanese people delivering savings for EDL and Lebanese people since energy from our Powerships is the cheapest, compared to the cost of private generators, imports from Syria, old EDL power plants.

Despite all the obstacles, challenges and misperceptions by some parties, whose interest may have been affected as a result of increased electricity at lower cost, Esra Sultan has successfully delivered its full capacity every time the required fuel was supplied by Lebanon.

Karpowership sent Esra Sultan to Keserouan, facing the Zouk thermal power plant. It was immediately connected to the network and secured about 200 MW, which significantly increased electricity supply hours in Kesrouan, and some parts of Metn. Residents of these regions noticed this increase with electricity reaching 21 to 24 hours a day. As previously announced, the third Powership was provided free of charge for three months to EDL.

Karpowership is committed to execute its existing contractual obligations with the Government of Lebanon and to sustain the Energy Project in accordance with the agreement, providing an electricity capacity of 370 MW through the two powerships Fatmagul Sultan and Orhan Bey in both Zouk and Jiyeh plants at significant savings in the most reliable manner.

Source: National News Agency