Kataeb: Everything built on short-term interests remains dependent on them, falls upon their clashing

President of the Lebanese Kataeb Party, MP Sami Gemayel, headed the weekly meeting of the Political Bureau at the Central House in Saifi, during which discussions touched on the latest political developments and the overall situation.

After the meeting, the party called in a statement "on the influential economic actors in the society to exert real pressure on those concerned, so as to form a government of specialists freed from the logic of quotas and able to begin a comprehensive reform process to save the financial and economic situation before it is too late."

"Given the tumult, the campaigns and the counter-campaigns between political parties, there is evidence that all that is built on short-lived interests, away from the higher national interest, remains dependent on these interests and falls by their fall or their clashing," the statement read.

Conferees warned against "the repression of the freedom of opinion and expression and the freedom of political action of groups and individuals, which requires the Lebanese to be fully aware of the seriousness of the stage and what can be harbored for Lebanon under several pretexts, which could bring it back to the practices of the time of trusteeship."

"In order to preserve Lebanon's relations with the Arab and international societies, and in light of the dissociation decision, the Kataeb Party refuses to drag Lebanon into the blazing regional fires, and to make the country a platform to launch media and political attacks on friendly Arab countries, especially those in Saudi Arabia; the country which helped Lebanon in the darkest days and supported its institutions and opened its labor markets to hundreds of thousands of Lebanese," the statement concluded.

Source: National News Agency