Kataeb rejects continuous Israeli threats; utters need to form government of specialists to spare Lebanon fight over power

The political bureau of the Lebanese Kataeb Party, headed by party chairman, MP Sami Gemayel, discussed in its weekly meeting the latest developments in the country, and issued, at the end of its deliberations, a statement saying that "the country is at the brink of crises and collapses that cannot be overlooked across the various sectors in the country."

"The Kataeb Party relies on the national public awareness to meet the call of the party president, MP Sami Gemayel, to build a new Lebanon by adhering to a political and economic roadmap fit for short and long term plans, starting with the formation of a government of specialists that will separate Lebanon from the struggle of parties over power," the statement said.

"This shall be done in parallel with parliamentary blocs' meetings under the roof of the House of Representatives, to establish the launch of a comprehensive reform project that could protect the State from disintegration and collapse, set the basis for full adherence to the Constitution and the laws, and secure the neutrality of Lebanon from the conflicts of the region, next to political and economic stability and complete elimination of chaos and corruption," the statement read.

The Kataeb also rejected the "continuous Israeli threats which could lead to repercussions that Lebanon cannot afford, which in turn leads to a tenser situation."

"The protection of the State and the preservation of its sovereignty is only valid when it [the State] alone, and no one else, owns the decision of war and peace, and when the absolute right of the army to exclusive possession of weapons on all the Lebanese territory is preserved," the Kataeb stressed.

Source: National News Agency