Khalil: We believe that in the coming days we will reach a real solution to the cabinet formation issue

Caretaker Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil disclosed Saturday that indications point to an actual solution to the government formation obstacles in the upcoming days.

Khalil's words came as he represented House Speaker, Nabih Berri, at the memorial service of Caretaker State Minister for Developmental Affairs, Innaya Ezeddine's late sister in the Southern town of Shehour earlier today.

"Our country, Lebanon, is going through the most delicate stages...and this entails that we maintain stability in the work of political institutions at the internal level," said Khalil.

He added that efforts must be exerted to restore the confidence of people in their institutions' ability to manage their affairs in a way that preserves their stability.

"We still believe that public interest must advance over narrow party and political calculations, while tending to the Lebanese people's needs who hope that their leaders would be up to the critical stage, especially in addressing matters of the state and citizens," stated Khalil.

Source: National News Agency