Khazali Tweets: The New Government Is A Fails Imposing The American Will

BAGHDAD, Secretary General of Aseeb Ahl al-Haq Qais al-Khazali said that "the formation of the new government ... failed to impose the American will."

" incomplete government is better than remain the situation of the country as it is," he said in a tweet on his Twitter site on Thursday.

"A new government means a new hope of providing services and improving the situation, and also means the failure of the American project to impose its will," Khazali said.

He expressed the hope that "the members of parliament will succeed in voting on the remaining ministries in a way that serves the interest of the nation."

The House of Representatives voted after midnight on Wednesday to give confidence to Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and great part of his cabinet.

Ministry of Oil - Thamer Abbas Ghadhban

Minister of Finance - Fuad Hussein

Naeem Al - Rubaie � minister of Communications

Ministry of Construction and Housing - Bankin Rikani

Minister of Trade - Mohamed Hashim

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Mohammed al-Hakim

Ministry of Agriculture - Saleh Al Hassani

Minister of Youth and sport - Ahmed Riyad Al Obeidi

Minister of Health - Alaa Abdul - Sahib Al - Alwani

Minister of Industry - Abdullah Al-Jubouri

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs - Bassim al-Rubaie

Minister of Electricity Louay aL - Khatib

Minister of Water Resources - Jamal Al - Adly

Minister of Transport - Abdullah Al-Aybi

Adel Abdul Mahdi sworn in as prime minister as well as his partial cabinet .

The Council postponed voting on candidates for the Ministries of Interior, Defense, Higher Education, Culture, Education, Migration, Planning and Justice.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency