Kingdom’s Sponsorship of Peace Agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea Receives Wide International Attention, Says Ministry of Media 2 Jeddah

World leading newspapers such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, US News, The Miami Herald, Standard, Daily Mail, Mail Online, Business Insider, Le Afrique Tribune, Le Figaro, France International, Courier International, Sodic Zeitung, The Times of India and other international newspapers, have covered the news of the Saudi sponsorship of the accord.

The coverage of the historical event has caught more than 20 million viewers, after more than 200 articles have been published from more than 152 sources, in about nine languages worldwide, comprising 26 countries.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Media and Director General of the State and International Communication Center Dr. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Maghlouth said that the globally media attention paid to the historic event, showed the true image of the Kingdom, as a leading and influential moderating force, in the region as well as the world, with leading efforts exerted to make peace and fostering regional and global security and stability.

Source: Saudi Press Agency