Kouyoumjian denounces rumors hinting that Brussels conference aims at naturalizing refugees

Social Affairs Minister, Richard Kouyoumjian, on Friday denounced lies claiming that the objective of Brussels 3" conference � in support of Syrian refugees � was to naturalize them.

"These rumors alluding to the naturalization of refugees are detrimental to Lebanon's image," Kouyoumjian said in an interview with Free Lebanon Radio station, recalling that Lebanon was represented by its prime minister and two ministers.

The decisions of Brussels Conference 3 came in favor of Lebanon. The Lebanese delegation was able to put the country on the international map, the minister said.

Kouyoumjian added that the Lebanese delegation headed by PM Saad Hariri spoke at the conference about the return of refugees to their country.

This is the first time Lebanon has discussed with the European Union, the United Nations and donor countries the possibility of providing assistance to refugees when they return to Syria, he explained.

He then rejected the propaganda and political exploitation of this issue, warning of the harm inflicted to both Syrian refugees and the Lebanese people.

Source: National News Agency