Kouyoumjian from Jezzine: To keep developmental projects away from political differences

Social Affairs Minister, Richard Kouyoumjian, called Sunday for keeping developmental projects away from political difference in the country.

"Democracy in Lebanon is represented by municipal and mayoral elections because the voter has direct contact with his constituents. I hope that your local projects and the development of your areas will be joint projects away from political differences," he said, addressing citizens and officials in Jezzine during his visit to the region earlier today.

"I am calling from Jezzine today on my fellow ministers, my brethrens at the Parliament House, the three Presidents and all officials, to rescue the associations and institutions that have reached the red line, being on the verge of bankruptcy," he went on.

"The citizen of Jezzine should stay in his land and residents of Beirut must be invited to visit Jezzine during weekends and occasions...I congratulate you on living together in this region," he added.

Kouyoumjian planted a Cedar tree in a land belonging to the Lebanese Forces Party in the area of Jezzine during his tour, following which he headed to the building of the Union of Municipalities of Jezzine where he had a meeting with Union President, Khalil Harfoush, and heads of municipalities of the region.

Source: National News Agency