Kouyoumjian stresses on fighting corruption, stopping waste expenditure, practicing austerity to overcome the current stage

Minister of Social Affairs, Richard Kouyoumjian, highlighted Saturday the pressing need to combat corruption, put a limit to waste expenditure and resort to austerity as important measures for Lebanon to overcome the current phase.

He revealed that the Lebanese Forces Party is marching in this direction.

Kouyoumjian's words came during his word at the luncheon banquet held in his honor by MP Ziad Hawat following his tour in the city of Byblos this afternoon.

He expressed his pleasure and pride to visit the city of Byblos "because of its national heritage, tourism and development role," commending the "spirit of coexistence that characterized this city throughout the ages, especially as it maintained its citizens' mutual living despite the dire conditions witnessed in the homeland."

Kouyoumjian pointed to "a complete survey carried out by his Ministry to activate and develop all social affairs centers across Lebanon, in order to be model centers capable of serving citizens effectively in all their needs."

He deemed the progress and improvement witnessed in the city of Byblos as a source of motivation and an incentive for all other Lebanese cities to follow at the development, tourism and social levels.

Source: National News Agency