KSA Keen on Nationals’ Safety, with Outstanding Record, in Combating Extremism, Terrorism, Chief of Council of Arab Ministers of Interior Says

Tunisia, Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Ministers of the Interior Dr. Mohammed bin Ali Koman said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen on the safety of its citizens and other citizens of the Arab countries, with its clear record in combating extremism, terrorism and organized crime, stand as a testimonial.

He also expressed support for the Kingdom's rejection of media speculation about the disappearance of Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi, in Turkey.

He called on the media to stay away from these speculation and wait for the results of the investigations, welcoming forming a joint working team from Saudi and Turkish expert to probe the case, through examining the circumstances of the disappearance.

Dr. Koman praised the high position of the Saudi economy in the global economy and its contribution to providing the necessary conditions for growth and prosperity nationally, at Arab level and internationally, thus enhancing security and stability, in the world, through preventing the spread of crime and violence.

Source: Saudi Press Agency