KSA Strengthens Intl’ Presence, by Caring for Falcons, Hunting by Falcons, Protecting Migratory Birds

Riyadh, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made great efforts in paying attention to falcons and hunting, since the early time, as falconry is a heritage of ancient culture, including the values and ethics that distinguish falconers, in the Arabian Peninsula, in addition that the Kingdom is considered a settlement area for different types of falcons, and safe passage for other migrant birds.

Falcons have been associated with human life in the Arabian Peninsula for thousands of years. Falconry or 'hunting through falconry' is a way of life and hobby that Arabs have inherited from generation to generation. Arab falconers were the pioneer, in the domain, proving superiority in falcon training and hunting, a matter that became recognized globally.

The Kingdom has acceded to the international conventions related to the protection of falcons from extinction and the protection of migratory birds, in addition to that about 20,000 falcons are practicing the hobby of falconry, in the Kingdom, especially that the Kingdom offer a great support for the activities of falconry and hunting, where the establishment of its own reserves for the hobby, stand as testimonial.

The Kingdom supported a proposal of "UNESCO" to register falconry as a world recognized hobby on the World Heritage list, and the Saudi Wildlife Authority issued about 5,000 passports for the movement for falcons, at a time, and the Kingdom is one of eleven countries, included in the list of UNESCO breeders of falcons, and home to various types of them and a corridor to other.

The kings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have since its establishment, been working to consolidate that culture and hobby among the community, where they have made

efforts in caring for them, creation of natural reserves, establishment of exhibitions and relevant activities.

Complementing the leading role of the Arab falconers and the Kingdom's interest in this legacy, in this prosperous era, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Royal Order to establish the Falcons Club in the Kingdom on 20/07/2017 has created an association that brings together falconers, because of the importance of caring for falcons and the relevance of this hobby to the Saudi heritage and culture.

The club aims to preserve the historical heritage and traditions associated with the culture of falconry, henceforth, it activate the roles related to awareness, training, research and work programs to protect falcons and the prosperity of hunting sport to remain a legacy inherited in the Kingdom generation after generation.

Falconry competitions, at the King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival, are one of the most important events that contribute to the support and encouragement of falcon owners and enthusiasts.

As this heritage is of great importance to the Kingdom, it has worked to achieve the highest degree of care through the establishment of permanent partnerships with research centers, international veterinary medical centers and owners of falcons in the world, to facilitate the tasks of falconers, in addition to promoting this culture among the Saudi society, to preserve the heritage and activate, it according to the latest scientific best practices.

Source: Saudi Press Agency