Kubic assures Al-Salhi of the United Nations’ keenness on making the political process successful and forming a government with Turkmen participation

KIRKUK, The Representative of the UN Secretary-General's Mission in Iraq, Jan Kubic, discussed with the Head of the Turkmen Front Arshad al-Salhi and his deputy Hassan Tauran the latest political developments in the Iraqi arena.

During the meeting, Kubic stressed the keenness of the United Nations on the success of the political process and the formation of the next government cab, as soon as possible, with the participation of Turkmen component and Iraqi Turkmen Front deputies in it, just as a constitutional and electoral right guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution.

The security file was also discussed in Kirkuk, especially after the changes that took place in the security scene after the extension of state authority and law on October 16 last year.

The Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations informed all political parties on the need to consult the Turkmen as they seek to conclude political agreements among them, especially issues relating to Kirkuk, Tal Afar and Tuz and the rest of the areas of Turkmen presence, considering that any political agreements concluded in this regard without the advice of the Turkmen are considered invalid .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency