Kurdish MP: We Will Not Give Up The 17% Of The Budget

BAGHDAD, A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party for the province of Erbil MP Mayada al-Najjar stressed her party's adherence to share of the Kurdistan region from 17% in the budget in 2019, stressing that this percentage is legal and constitutional entitlement has been resorted to in the federal budgets of Iraq over the past years.

Najjar said in a statement today, "We strongly adhere to the share of the region in the budget and we will not give up at all, stressing that the share of the region is a sacred issue, as it means the livelihood of our Kurdish people, which includes salaries of the region's employees and services, security, energy and other vital sectors of life"

He added "as members of parliament and representatives of the people of Kurdistan, we have to do our moral and humanitarian duty to protect the constitutional rights of Kurds."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency