Kurdish Parties Gather To Return To Kirkuk, Arabs and Turkmens Refuse

KIRKUK, A Kurdish source said that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Democratic Party reached an agreement to normalize the situation in the province of Kirkuk, indicating that a new person was nominated to take the post of governor.

The source said that "the Joint Committee will take over the functions of activating the work of the Kirkuk Provincial Council, which the Kurds are the majority in it." Noting that "the committee will discuss the security file with Baghdad during the next phase with the new government."

He added that "the Committee agreed to be its priority to choose a new governor of Kirkuk, which is a share of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan," pointing out that "there is consensus within the PUK on the nomination of a member of the Political Bureau of the party Rizkar Ali for the post of governor.

He pointed out that "the committee was headed by Khalid Shawani, a member of the leadership of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Mohammed Kamal of the Kurdistan Democratic Party."

Security forces took control of Kirkuk and several disputed areas on October 16 last year as part of a "security" operation in the province following the independence referendum in the Kurdistan region.

A Kurdish political source said that a meeting of the Kurdish parties was held northeast of Kirkuk and this meeting for the first time with the participation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and discussed several topics, including the post of governor and elections in the province and the meeting held in Kerra Hanjir area, northeast of Kirkuk Sulaymaniyah road.

Arab and Turkmen parties refused to hold the meeting outside the control of the federal forces ..

An Arab political source confirmed that Turkmen and Kirkuk Arabs reject the return of members of the provincial council who voted and supported separation from Iraq, and organized the referendum, raised the flag of Kurdistan and supported the marginalization of the Arabs and Turkmens and destroyed their 116 villages and districts by the Peshmerga and arrested more than five thousand Kirkuk citizens Arabs and Turkmen.

He said that the Arabs and Turkmens would not allow to compromise the plan to impose law and Iraq Kirkuk and change the current reality will push Kirkuk to the killing among its citizens.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Kurdistan Democratic Party for the first time since the imposition of the law. The focus of the meeting was to agree on a plan to activate the Kirkuk Governorate Council. ./End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency