Kurdistan Islamic Union: The Formation of a unified delegation to negotiate with Baghdad is still elusive

Baghdad, The Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc confirmed that the rapprochement between the opposition parties and the two main parties in the Kurdistan Region will be conditional on prior agreements.

"The possibility of rapprochement between the opposition parties and the two main parties in the region will be subject to preconditions, including the recognition of the rights of these parties and their electoral entitlement in light of the injustice that was happened after the operations," after the fraud and manipulation of the votes of voters in Kurdistan, as well as compensation for the loss of opposition parties in the formation of the government and negotiations with the political blocs in Baghdad, the leader of the bloc Gamal Koger said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency (NINA).

He added that "the agreement on these conditions and formulation within the framework of official political will pave the way, in principle for all parties, to return to negotiate together in Baghdad and the region," noting that "the Islamic Union still refuses to alliance with the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union, and does not want to repeat the scenario of past experiences in alliance with them under the Tent of the Kurdistan Alliance. "

"The formation of a unified Kurdish delegation that includes representatives of all Kurdish parties, including the opposition front, to negotiate with the political blocs in Baghdad, is still elusive because of the refusal of Kurdish parties to negotiate with representatives of the Talabani and Barzani parties."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency