Labour Ministry’s Undersecretary open human resources conference

Undersecretary of the Labour Ministry, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, today opened the second international human resources management conference, held by the Gulf University.

The Gulf University's administrative and academic staff, as well as human resources experts attended.

The conference focuses on the challenges facing human resources, as well as ways to contribute to creating a link between the needs of the local, regional and international labour market, on the one hand, and academic visions in teaching and training human resources professionals, on the other, in addition to the most important successful experiences in this field.

Such conferences contribute to upgrading and developing human resources to meet the needs of employers for qualified professional competencies.

They also pave the way for adopting advanced practices in developing human resources and providing them with job skills that keep pace with the successive developments in the labour market.

Addressing the conference, Gulf University President, Dr. Mohanad Al-Mashhadani, asserted that the conference provides an ideal platform for academics and human resources specialists from all over the world to exchange opinions and experiences, share research results and build relationships.

HH Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman bin Mohammed Al Khalifa honoured the conference's speakers, wishing the conference success in coming up with the recommendations that would support the national efforts to prepare qualified national competencies for the labour market.

Source: Bahrain News Agency