Launching of the ‘Nidal Al-Achkar Prize for Best Theatrical Play’

A ceremony was held in the Choueifat Theater Hall on Sunday, marking the launch of the Nidal Al-Achkar Annual Prize for Best Lebanese Theatrical Play, under the patronage of Culture Minister Mohammad Daoud.

"It is a wonderful initiative to re-activate and open a theater outside the capital, Beirut, as part of the strategy of the Ministry of Culture to support and encourage cultural administrative decentralization," said Daoud in his word on the occasion.

He added that launching the Nidal Al-Achkar Prize serves as a strong incentive for the theatrical movement in Lebanon.

"This cultural event opens a bright page from the founding stage of the modern Lebanese theater in the 1960s," he said.

At the end of the ceremony, Minister Daoud awarded Al-Achkar the silver "Order of Merit" on behalf of the President of the Republic, in appreciation for her long cultural career and remarkable achievements in the world of theater and art.

Source: National News Agency