Lebanese delegate to UN holds reception on 40th commemoration of UNIFIL’s entry into Lebanon

Lebanese representative at the United Nations, Amal Moudallali, held a reception at her residence in New York on Sunday, marking 40 years since the entry of UNIFIL into Lebanon.

Addressing a crowd of UN officials who attended the reception, including President of the UN General Assembly Miorslav Lajcak, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammad, and various senior diplomats and UN officers, Moudallali thanked the UN for its ongoing cooperation with Lebanon. She added that after all these years, UNIFIL is now considered part of the Lebanese society's components.

In the same context, Moudallali praised the dedication of the UNIFIL members who, she said, made sacrifices to bring peace to the world.

Moudallali also thanked the UNIFIL for its contribution to ensuring security in Lebanon since 1978, while losing 313 of its soldiers from several countries, namely France, Ireland, Fiji, Ghana, Bangladesh, Nepal, Senegal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the United Kingdom, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Poland, Nigeria, the Philippines, Norway, El Salvador, Iran, Indonesia, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, and Finland.

She saluted the souls of UNIFL's fallen martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of peace in Lebanon.

The diplomat recalled that the situation in southern Lebanon was stable, but fragile, as Lebanon has not yet managed to achieve a permanent ceasefire in accordance with UN Resolution # 1701.

Moudallali added that the United Nations could have, during 40 years of UNIFIL presence on Lebanese territory, approached the problem of Lebanon reflected by the Israeli occupation, and put an end to the Israeli daily land, air and sea violations of Lebanese sovereignty.

Finally, she confirmed Lebanon's cooperation with the UN peacekeeping forces, and her personal collaboration as an ambassador, to support the role and mission of UNIFIL in Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency