Lebanese Forces: We deplore targeting Emir of Kuwait and call for appropriate measures by the judiciary

Lebanese Forces Party Media Bureau denounced in a statement on Saturday the attack against the Kuwaiti Prince, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, in a recent television interview on one of the Lebanese stations.

"Since the independence of Lebanon, the State of Kuwait has done nothing but good for Lebanon, the Lebanese people and the Lebanese working in Kuwait. The brotherly ties between both countries have never been flawed, nor can the Lebanese forget the numerous, large developmental projects executed by the Kuwaiti Development Fund in all Lebanese regions and over dozens of years," the LF statement emphasized.

"All this fraternal history between Lebanon and Kuwait cannot be reciprocated in this manner, especially since it is not our virtue as Lebanese to exchange friendly and brotherly relations with the attempt to tarnish the image of those who have offered Lebanon for no return," the statement added.

The Party concluded its statement by stressing on "the depth of the relationship between the State of Lebanon and Kuwait and the Lebanese and Kuwaiti peoples," while calling on the Lebanese judiciary to take the appropriate measures to avoid any reoccurrence of such incidents.

Source: National News Agency