Lebanon’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia: We will not forget the Kingdom’s continuous support to Lebanon

In an issued statement marking Saudi Arabia's National Day, Lebanese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Fawzi Kabbara, reiterated that "Lebanon will never forget the continuous support of the Kingdom, especially during its hard times."

Kabbara reminded of the historic relationship between Lebanon and the Kingdom, stressing on preserving and reinforcing the Saudi-Lebanese bilateral ties.

"The delicate situation that the Arab region is witnessing today is one of interlocking challenges. This requires of me, on this occasion, to reiterate the importance of the relationship between our two countries and to emphasize our keenness to uphold, fortify and strengthen them in order to maintain the close ties established by our predecessors over decades of time," the Lebanese Ambassador confirmed.

He finally referred to the major development, growth and prosperity witnessed in Saudi Arabia on the internal scene, and its significant, active and influential presence at international level.

Source: National News Agency