Lebanon’s NNA, Mexico’s NOTIMEX ink cooperation agreement in presence of Riachy

National News Agency Director, Laure Sleiman, on Wednesday signed a cooperation agreement with the Mexican News Agency (NOTIMEX) represented by Mexican Ambassador to Lebanon, Jose Ignacio Madrazo, in the office and in the presence of Caretaker Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy.

After signing of the agreement, Minister Riachy sent a message to the Mexican people and the Lebanese Diaspora in Mexico, expressing pride in the relationship that connected the two countries.

"We will work harder to make this relationship more fruitful in the future," he pledged.

The Minister also thanked the Ambassador of Mexico and the Lebanese Diaspora in overseas countries.

In turn, Mexican Ambassador to Lebanon, Jose Ignacio Madrazo, delivered a word in which he said that the Mexican government attached great importance to this agreement.

"The government of Mexico thinks that this is a very important agreement because it gives priority to bilateral relations between Lebanon and Mexico. We would like to know much more about Lebanon, and we want Mexico to be known much better in Lebanon as well," Madrazo said.

He went on to laud the significant role that the Lebanese community played in Mexico. "We have a very good will because of the very large Lebanese community in Mexico; it is a very respected Lebanese community, and it's very well-organized. The Lebanese came to Mexico many years ago and have contributed to its development; however, we need to know more about Lebanon to boost our trade, investments, and tourism," Madrazo added.

"We are sure that this agreement will be very helpful to achieve our goals. Thank you very much. I am honored to be here," the Mexican diplomat concluded.

In turn, National News Agency Director, Laure Sleiman, delivered a word in which she thanked Minister Riachy for the opportunity to sign a cooperation agreement with the Mexican News Agency "NOTIMEX".

" I would also like to thank the Ambassador of Mexico to Lebanon, Jose Ignacio Madrazo, for having given me the honor to confirm the 'excellent' relations that bind our two governments, and the news agencies of both of our countries in particular," she added.

Sleiman also addressed the Director of NOTIMEX, thanking him for the major role that he has played in the compilation of this agreement, despite not being able to be present during the signature ceremony.

"Fact is, this cooperation agreement has been negotiated and finalized between the NNA and NOTIMEX through the Embassy of Mexico," Sleiman explained.

" Such agreements are only natural between two countries like Mexico and Lebanon, which are connected by deep links that date far back in the history of civilization, not to mention that the Lebanese Diaspora, and the Mexican people, both have a big number of common points that bring them together," NNA Director added.

Mexico has generously embraced the Lebanese who had emigrated to its lands more than 100 years ago.

"The Lebanese community in Mexico is approximately 700,000 people, which is why the Minister of Information has proposed adding an article to the agreement, which asks of both parties to cover the activities of the Lebanese community in Mexico and those of the Mexican community in Lebanon," Sleiman added, wishing the agreement optimal success.

Source: National News Agency