Legal Expert: Civil Disobedience Is Constitutional Under Certain Conditions To Force The Authority To Implement Legitimate Demands

Legal expert Ali al-Tamimi said: civil disobedience is guaranteed constitutionally to force the authority to implement legitimate demands under certain conditions.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that: the conditions of the civil disobedience to be peaceful and unlawful (violating the laws) in terms of chaos or sabotage and most importantly is to be temporary and not always until the implementation of demands.

Tamimi added that: civil disobedience differs from the strike, which includes some professions and may be a year in which all professions participate.

He considered the disobedience as the finest forms of protest to force the authority to implement the demands and withdraw recognition and popular mandate from them.

Tamimi pointed to the success of this measure (civil disobedience) in several countries such as Egypt in the 1919 revolution, as well as in India at the time of "Mahatma Gandhi" and in Georgia called "Velvet Revolution" as well as in South Africa.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency