Looking forward to building a vibrant society to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030, Council of Economic and Development Affairs launches the Quality of Life Program 2020 with a total expenditure of 130 billion riyals 5 Riyadh

Realizing the Vision of the Kingdom 2030:

The objectives of the Quality of Life Program 2020 directly related to the realization of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and its purpose is to influence several indicators of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 in general. There are many indicators for the Program, includes sports, sports excellence, sports revenues, entertainment capacity, Kingdom's contribution to arts and culture, entertainment and culture revenues, which in relation to entertainment and infrastructure levels. The indicators of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 relates to employment sustainability in the private sector, increasing domestic product, the contributing to local content, and increasing non-governmental investment.

Enabling oversight of implementation and effective follow-up:

The Council of Economic and Development Affairs is monitoring the implementation of the Quality of Life Program 2020 plans. The monitoring takes place by following approved governance that includes clear mechanisms following up the achievement of the objectives and indicators of the Program. A number of specialized agencies have been established at the government level, The National Center for Performance Measurement, the Strategic Management Office, the Bureau of Spending Rationalization, the Non-Oil Revenue Development Unit and the Local Content and Private Sector Development Unit. All this aims to formulate strategies and set the goals, creating programs, monitoring the achievements, and managing projects. This contributed to supporting the development and economic decision-making process through close liaison between all ministries concerned with economic, financial, social and development issues. Recently, the Board has approved the strategic objectives of "Vision 2030" to establish measurable frameworks, benchmarks, and to follow the progress of plans and operational Programs continuously and effectively.

A clear accountability mechanism has been identified, along with program follow-up and direct, indirect strategic objectives. In addition to understanding and managing, the relationship between the various objectives through program committees chaired by ministers and members of different relevant agencies. Their performance is monitored by the Economic Affairs and Development Council Supervision, continuous evaluation, and escalation to the competent authorities whenever required.

Source: Saudi Press Agency