Loyalty to Resistance bloc underlines importance of preserving monetary stability

"Loyalty to Resistance" bloc on Thursday held its periodic meeting at its headquarters in Haret Hreik, under the chairmanship of bloc head, MP Mohammed Raad.

The bloc discussed most recent developments in Lebanon and the broad region.

In a statement issued in the wake of the meeting, the bloc underlined the paramount importance of preserving monetary stability, calling on the government to adopt in-depth economic policies that protect national monetary and economy and safeguard the interests of the Lebanese.

While stressing the importance of maintaining monetary stability, the bloc said, "This should be accompanied by the revitalization and strengthening of the Lebanese economy."

In this framework, the bloc urged the government to work on reducing inefficient spending, on one hand, and accelerating the implementation of projects that would reduce amassing deficits and serve the public debt.

Loyalty to the Resistance said that the implementation of the electricity plan and the waste management plan, as well as the implementation of the partnership law between the private and public sectors to establish vital projects, shall help in extricating out of the current economic and monetary crisis.

Source: National News Agency