Machnouk, Richard tackle displaced Syrians’ dossier

Caretaker Interior and Municipalities Minister, Nouhad Machnouk, on Monday received US Ambassador to Lebanon, Elizabeth Richard, with talks reportedly touching on a range of matters, most notably the displaced Syrians' dossier and current talk about their return to Syria.

Machnouk and Richard agreed on the need to ensure a "safe return for the displaced Syrians' to their homeland in accordance with international standards."

The pair also discussed the relationship between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international organizations.

Minister Macnouk also met with "Strong Lebanon" bloc MP Alain Aoun, with whom he discussed the displaced Syrians' crisis and other topics.

On emerging, MP Aoun said that the return of the displaced Syrians' to their country requires the cooperation of the international community, not only improving their residency conditions in Lebanon.

He maintained that the FPM's approach aims to push the international community to understand the Lebanese position in this regard and engage more seriously, by all international means, to activate the path of the return of the displaced.

Source: National News Agency