Mahmoud Othman confirms that the crisis in Iraq is deep … a crisis of governance above all

Baghdad, The Kurdish leader Mahmoud Othman stressed that the crisis in Iraq is deep, explaining that "the crisis is a crisis of governance above all.

Othman said in a statement that on May 12 parliamentary elections took place and created a crisis in terms of the confirmation of many of the existence of fraud in a large level, and then came counting and sorting by hand, which did not solve anything but created a crisis of deep confidence, and then held the Council on the third of this month, could not solve the problems but only confined to the performance of the oath and then the open session and we are waiting for 15 of this month to hold a new session, but the real crisis emerged from Basra and some provinces where the fair wide demonstrations demanding the most basic rights of citizens in clean water and decent living and other services.

"These protests have continued and showed the neglect of Basra and other provinces that took place for years. The demonstrations were accompanied by violence, bloodshed, burning of government buildings, party headquarters, and other organizations. This is very regrettable."

He pointed out that the crisis in Iraq is deep, a crisis of governance above all and that all these things should be taken into consideration and the formation of a government that has the confidence of the people and be able to meet their demands as the reference also in the forefront to provide the necessary services away from external influences and the loss of this basic objective in the midst of the competition among the blocks.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency