Makhzoumi meets French Prime Minister in Paris

National Dialogue Party Head, MP Fuad Makhzoumi, pursued his visit Saturday to the French capital, Paris, by partaking in the annual meeting of the non-governmental "Trilateral Commission" to promote close cooperation between North America, Europe and Asia, in the presence of a number of officials and businessmen.

Makhzoumi also met with French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, with whom he tackled latest regional and international developments, particularly the social and economic conditions prevailing in Lebanon.

Makhzoumi thanked France and the European Union for "their interest in Lebanon and keenness on its stability," while counting on their role in establishing peace in the region.

He reiterated herein "the need to reassure the international community, which is expecting Lebanon to implement the Cedar Conference that was patronized by France," pointing out that "the draft budget is now in the custody of the Parliament Council."

Makhzoumi emphasized the need for the budget to be realistic and to achieve reasonable reform in the country, so as to rescue the Lebanese economy while ensuring that new job opportunities for the young are created and that no additional burdens are placed on the middle and underprivileged classes.

Source: National News Agency