Marotti’s speech on board of Italian Navy Hydrographic Ship anchored at Beirut Port

Following is the speech delivered by Italian Ambassador Massimo to Lebanon, Massimo Marotti, during the ceremony that took place on Friday evening on board of the Italian Navy Hydrographic Ship anchored at Beirut Port.

H.E Minister Yousef Fenianos,

Honourable members of the Defence Committee of the National Assembly,

Representative of H.E. the Minister of Defence Yacoub Sarraf,

Governor Zyad Chebib

Mayor Jamal Itani

Civil and military Authorities,

Members of the press, and of the research community,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Commander Nannini and I are proud and honored to welcome you on board of Nave Magnaghi.

Nave Ammiraglio Magnaghi is a hydro-oceanographic unit of the Italian Navy. Thanks to its advanced equipment, it is able to conduct surveys up to 3000 meters along the coastline and in the harbor. Its crew is composed of 92 people.

Following Rome II Conference, a new expanded training plan was approved paving the way for Nave Magnaghi to dock at Port of Beirut on September 17th . The crew of this vessel is implementing hydrographic activities within the specific cooperation established between the two navies in 2016 and a new 6 week training program executed by the Italian Military Bilateral Mission in Lebanon (MIBIL).

Passive defense, navigation, communications and Maritime Domain Awareness are at the core of the program that the Italian Military Mission in Lebanon (MIBIL) is currently carrying out to strengthen the capacities of Lebanon's Navy.

As for the hydrographic cooperation, the staff of the Lebanese Hydrographic Service is being trained on the job on hydrographic and topographic activities aimed at producing the Nautical Chart named Approach to Beirut. Independent hydrographic capability is key for effective armed forces and the protection of maritime activities.

In 2016, a Euros 2 million high-tech hydrographic unit was donated to the Navy together with a training program for Lebanese officers at the Hydrographic Institute of the Italian Navy.

Tonight the Commander and I would like to thank the City of Beirut for the hospitality and for welcoming our ship and the crew and to express our gratitude to the Armed Forces of Lebanon for the close cooperation with our Armed Forces.

Source: National News Agency