Mashnouk follows up on refugee return with UNHCR’s Gerard, ISF human rights training with Contessa

Caretaker Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Nouhad Mashnouk, welcomed on Friday Representative for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Lebanon, Mireille Girard.

The Minister stressed the importance of cooperation with the UNHCR, especially in terms of motivating Syrians to register their births, renewing their residency, and settling illegal residencies.

In turn, Girard said on emerging, We discussed the joint cooperation and efforts of the Commission in Syria and Lebanon serving the return of Syrians refugees to their homeland. We've also touched on the positive results that have been evident in the numbers of Syrian children whose births have been registered.

She finally hailed the positive ongoing coordination with the General Directorate of Lebanon's General Security.

Later during the day, Mashnouk welcomed Derek Contessa, President of a foundation in support of liberty in Syria and Lebanon. Contessa congratulated Mashnouk on the progress made by the internal security forces in the field of human Rights.

"The five-year Strategic Plan of the Internal Security forces will establish a paradigm shift in the performance of the security forces in terms of professionalism and protection of freedoms," the Interior Minister told his visitor.

For his part, Contessa briefed Mashnouk on joint cooperation mechanisms with the Directorate General of Internal Security forces, particularly in the area of updating the human rights training curriculum.

Mashnouk also had an audience with Turkish Ambassador to Lebanon, Hakan Cakil, who paid him an acquaintance visit.

Talks between both men touched on the latest developments in Lebanon and the region, and the Turkish role in a number of dossiers.

Source: National News Agency