Mashnouq denies having approved naming street after Mustafa Badreddine

Caretaker Interior Minister, Nohad Mashnouq, on Monday denied having allowed the municipality of Ghobeiry to name a street in the locality after Mustafa Badreddine.

"I have not signed any decree allowing the Ghobeiry municipality to name a street after Mustafa Badreddine, a key accused of the assassination of Rafic Hariri before the Special Tribunal for Lebanon," Mashnouq said.

"I do not approve such denomination; therefore, the decision of Ghobeiry municipality is rejected by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities," he added.

"Refusing to sign this decision does not mean any implicit approval," he stressed.

Mashnouq indicated that the Ministry would send a letter to the municipality of Ghobeiry to ask for the removal of the divisive street signs.

Source: National News Agency