Masror Barzani discusses with the Ambassador of the EU efforts to form a new government and the political and military developments in the region

BAGHDAD, Advisor to the Security Council of the Kurdistan Region Masror Barzani discussed with the European Union Ambassador Ramo Blackwa Khati the efforts related to the formation of the new cab of government and recent political and military developments in the region.

A statement by the Kurdistan Regional Government said that Barzani received the European Union Ambassador Ramo Blackwa, and during the meeting they also discussed relations between the Kurdistan region and the European Union and the legislative elections that took place recently in the region."

As for the role of the constitution in solving the problems, especially in the disputed areas, Barzani said that Article 140 of the Constitution is the key to resolving the problems between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region. He said that this solution will be the basis for resolving the remaining issues, Gas, balance and peshmerga. "

On the efforts to form a new government in Baghdad, Barzani stressed the support of Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi on the basis of the fair participation of the main components, and that the discussions in this area is continuing, pointing to the need to take the Kurdistan region a real role in the political decision, military and security.

On the formation of the next government of the Kurdistan region Barzani explained that the formation of a strong and cohesive government based on the election results is a necessary requirement.

For his part, the EU Ambassador said that the results of the legislative elections in the Kurdistan region will be a legal framework for a strong and stable Kurdistan, referring to the European Union's efforts to help the region and the continuation of this support.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency