Mayada Al-Najjar: The Parliament will not discuss the budget before the government of Abdul Mahdi informed of it

Baghdad, The Parliament will not discuss the state budget for the next year because it has been prepared and completed by the previous government," said Mayada al-Najjar, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

"The MPs have not yet received the program of meetings for the current month," she said, adding that "the political blocs are all with the return of the budget for the current government to see and complete it."

"The Parliament has received the state budget from the preparation and completion of the previous government and if it is approved, the current government will have no obligation to it because it has not completed it, which is the work of the previous government."

The Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers announced on 28 of last month that "the Council approved the draft law of the federal budget of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year / 2019, and referred to the House of Representatives, based on the provisions of Articles (61 / item first and 80 / item II) of the Constitution. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency