Minister of Finance patronizes FEXTE signature

Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil on Friday sponsored the signing of the Fund for Technical Expertise and Experience Transfers (FEXTE) for the French-Lebanese Real Estate Twinning Project between the Directorate General of Real Estate Affairs in Lebanon and the Directorate General of Public Finance in France.

During the signing ceremony, a letter of intent was announced concerning the implementation of the project of support to the Directorate General of Real Estate Affairs of the Ministry of Finance funded by the French Development Agency through the FEXTE.

According to the Letter of Intent, this project aims at supporting the initiative launched by the Lebanese political and administrative authorities in the process of updating the activities of the Directorate General of Real Estate Affairs in order to contribute to the amendment of the relevant legislation with the aim of increasing revenue and optimizing services.

The Letter of Intent is similar to a Memorandum of Understanding on the possibility of cooperation in a project that is consistent with the laws, national regulations and international commitments of the signatories.

Source: National News Agency