Ministry of Agriculture Looking To Cooperate With Britain To Create Investment Opportunities And Establish Agricultural Projects

Baghdad  The Ministry of Agriculture held a meeting with the British Consulate Adviser in Erbil / Tom Hyde / to discuss cooperation in the agricultural field, creating investment opportunities and establishing agricultural projects.

A statement of the ministry quoted its advisor, Mahdi Damad Al-Qaisi, as saying during the meeting that: The ministry has worked to provide strategic crops of wheat and barley, as it is included in the citizen’s food basket, as well as the use of barley as fodder for livestock and the interest in diversifying agricultural crops and vegetables to provide them to the citizen, in addition to poultry, eggs and sheep and red and white meat to reach self-sufficiency in all agricultural products.

Al-Qaisi indicated that: The ministry’s basic plans, short and long-term, are to support the local product, increase productivity and continue to prevent the import of agricultural products due to their abundance locally and work to create a balance between supply and demand, explaining that the agricultural sector contributed to providing wheat and preventing its import three years ago and distributing it in the ration card items for citizens.

He pointed out that: Focusing on supporting and developing the poultry sector, eggs and meat due to its importance in the citizen’s daily food basket and its food and health distinction over its imported counterparts, as well as employing manpower, absorbing unemployment and supporting the national economy of the country due to the possibility of achieving a leap in production in a short time.

For its part, the British delegation expressed its readiness to cooperate with the Ministry in a number of agricultural and research fields and the establishment of investment projects.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency