Mouin Merehbi: Continuing to impede government formation will undermine ‘Cedre’ outcome

Caretaker State Minister for the Displaced, Mouin el-Merehbi, considered Saturday that any pursuit of placing obstacles in the path of the government formation would hinder the results of the Cedar Conference and lead to its failure.

Speaking at a luncheon banquet held in his honor by Al-Burj Municipality Head in Akkar earlier today, Merehbi indicated that Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, is trying to overcome the various obstacles that only serve personal or partisan interests, and do not take into account the national interests.

He concluded by calling on "everyone to realize that the circumstances surrounding the region require us to work together to produce a uniting government commensurate with the international environment, so that the international community can continue to support Lebanon."

Source: National News Agency