Moussawi says tax evasion deprives State, must be combated

"Loyalty to the Resistance" Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Nawwaf el-Moussawi, indicated Sunday that tax evasion is depriving the State of funds equivalent to the budget deficit and debts' interest, and therefore must be combated.

Speaking at a memorial service held in the Southern town of Touline earlier today, Moussawi reiterated his Bloc's commitment to serving and defending Lebanon.

"We call for taking measures that show that Lebanese officials bear their national duties at this difficult and dangerous economic stage, particularly since the critical situation is no longer hidden," said Moussawi.

"We are in a very delicate position," he warned.

Moussawi concluded by highlighting the need for economic reforms that are directed in the right places. "If you wish to secure balance within the State's treasury, look for it in the places where the leakage occurs," he underlined.

Source: National News Agency