MP: Abdul Mahdi Under Pressure From Political Parties To Enter Certain Names Within The Cabinet

Baghdad, MP on the National Wisdom Movement, Ali al-Badiri said that the designated Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi is facing great pressure by political parties to put certain names within the Cabinet Cab.

"There is great pressure on Abdul Mahdi by the political blocs and parties to pass certain names and put them on the government lineup," he told NINA, noting that "this is contrary to what the political blocs and parties pledged to give the prime minister the freedom to choose his cabinet" .

He added that "Abdul-Mahdi did not succumb to those pressures and is working on the preparation of a full cabinet and surprise the parliament and political blocs to be presented to the House of Representatives and make them in the de facto and embarrass them before the people by voting or not."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency