MP Expects Complete The Govt Soon After The Two Main Alliances Agreement On Specific Criteria

BAGHDAD, A leader of Saairun Alliance, MP BurhanalMamouri expected completing the ministerial cabinet soon after the agreement between Fatah and Saairun on specific criteria.

He said in a statement on Thursday: "The meetings and consultations that took place a few days ago between the Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction and the Construction Alliance stressed the need to resolve controversial issues in a short period."

He explained that "the completion of the cabinet and the chairmen of independent committees and bodies will be within the basis of political balance, which depends on independent personalities that are subject to specific criteria."

He added: "The agreement on the candidates will be conducted according to the criteria of efficiency and independence and technocrats agreed by the two alliances to choose the right person to fill any vacant position in the government."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency