MP for Saeron: The coming days will witness the opening of files of large corruption and accounting of spoilers

BAGHDAD, MP for the Alliance of the Saeron Manahel al-Hamidawi confirmed on Friday, that Saeron was found to work to reform the deteriorating situation of the Iraqi government, noting that the goal of the coalition for the next phase is to open files of corruption and accountability of the of spoilers.

Al-Hamidawi said in a statement that "Saeron seeks to reform the deteriorating situation of the Iraqi government due to the improper political practices of previous governments, asserting that the rest of the plan to fight corruption and accountability of spoilers."

"As MPs, we demand the opening of files of financial, administrative and security corruption and accountability of all those who contributed to the fall of Mosul and a number of Iraqi provinces that fell into the hands of Daesh criminal gangs."

Al-Hamidawi stressed the need to hold accountable the perpetrators of the massacre of Spyker "as we seek to hold accountable the defaulters and the application of Iraqi law to everyone."

She added that one of the priorities of our work during the next phase "to reform the deteriorating situation and accountability of the spoilers."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency