MP for Saeron: The intervention of Ambassadors in the Iraqi issue is unacceptable

BAGHDAD, MP for the Alliance of Saeron Hamdullah al-Rikabi criticized on Thursday the British Ambassador for forming the next Iraqi government.

"It is very regrettable that we hear and read from time to time statements and tweets to the Ambassadors of some countries in Iraq and they talk about the Iraqi political reality and the process of forming the next government," said al-Rikabi in a statement, noting that "this matter exceeds the area of their diplomatic work because they are not entitled to interfere in the affairs of Iraq .

"We are calling on the Iraqi government to play its role in not allowing any state to interfere in its affairs in order to preserve the sovereignty and independence of Iraq," Hamdallah said.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has expressed its surprise at the British Ambassador to Baghdad and talk about the nature of the task of the next Iraqi government.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency