MP: Governors Have Become The Cause Of The Problems … And Reports Of Al-Kadhimi Committee Have Not Yet Reached Us

Baghdad -The Parliamentary Services and Reconstruction Committee criticized today, Saturday, the performance of the governors, giving them a chaos between assuming responsibilities or making room for those who are able to serve citizens in the governorates.


Committee member Laila Al-Tamimi said, in a press statement that the National Iraqi News Agency received a copy of it, that “the governors must choose between being able to assume responsibility or leave the room for those who wish to serve the citizens of the province.” She added “They became the cause of problems instead of developing solutions.”


She added, “The reports of the committee set up by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to assess the performance of the governors have not reached the parliament until now.”


She emphasized that “the problems of services and corruption that the governorates suffer from, cannot be through representative or governmental committees, but through a correct system for this to reach a citizen who is subject to the law.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency