MP Hariri meets with a French delegation, commends France’s permanent support for Lebanon

MP Bahia Hariri met Sunday with a French delegation currently visiting Lebanon as part of a tour organized by the "Rally for Lebanon" in France, whereby Hariri lauded said initiative and praised France's permanent support for Lebanon and the Lebanese-French bilateral relations.

The encounter was a chance to touch on a number of hour issues, especially the march and vision of the Hariri Foundation, the general situation in Lebanon, the formation of the new government, the Palestinian presence in Lebanon, the Syrian refugees and the role of France in support of Lebanon.

The delegation included free professionals, academics and former employees in various fields from a number of French regions.

At the end of the meeting, a member of the delegation handed MP Hariri a book about the ancient area of "Brive" in France. In turn, Hariri presented the delegation with copies of the book, "Sidon, the Old City."

Following the visit, the delegation toured a number of historical and heritage sites in Sidon.

Source: National News Agency