MP: Political Blocs Granted Designated Prime Minister Wide Freedom To Choose His Cabinet

BAGHDAD, MP for the Construction and Reconstruction Alliance, Mohammed Baldawi said that all the political blocs gave the designated Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi wide freedom to choose his cabinet.

Baldawi said in a statement to NINA that "the construction alliance gave, in agreement with the other political blocs, the Prime Minister freedom to choose the people who represent the new government," noting there are consultations and political talks about the selected personalities.

"The designated Prime Minister takes the responsibility in choosing the ministers of his cabinet, because his success or failure will also determine the fate of the largest bloc in the political process."

The House of Representatives elected by majority mid-last week, the PUK's candidate Barham Saleh as President of the Republic, while the latter assigned Adel Abdul Mahdi to form the new government.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency