MP Rules Out Completing Vote On Remaining Ministries

Baghdad, A member of the House of Representatives, Iqbal Abdul-Hussein ruled out vote on completing the Cabinet cab at the next parliament session scheduled for Tuesday.

She told NINA "The consultations are continuing between the political blocs to reach a full consensus on the nomination of candidates for the remaining ministries under the shadow of the previous voting session of the differences over some candidates for ministerial positions."

She added, "We hope that a political agreement will be reached on the names of the candidates or the nomination of other names for the completion of the cabinet and the government will continue its responsibilities to serve the people and promote positive steps towards improving the situation of the country at all levels."

The House of Representatives voted in October 25 to give confidence to Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and 14 candidates from his Cabinet and postponed the vote on 8 other candidates for non-conformity.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency